Swingalacant Fest is a festival organised by Spirit of St. Louis Alicante.

From 29 April to 1 May, Alicante will become a meeting point for swing with the third edition of this festival.


6 hours of Lindy Hop
2 hours of Authentic Jazz
2 Tasters


3 parties
2 live bands
Jack & Jill
Dancing in the street


Àlex and Núria


A highly energetic and fluent pair of dancers from Barcelona. Their approach to Lindy Hop moves away from steps and focuses on expressivity and connection. They get their inspiration from dancers who combine tradition and modernity without losing the energetic spirit of Lindy Hop and are currently part of the dance troupe accompanying the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra.


Watch video of Àlex and Núria.

Pep and Emi


They started dancing Lindy Hop in 1999. They trained as dancers in Barcelona and in several workshops in Europe. For more than 7 years, they taught at the Balliball school and participated in the organisation of the Barswingona Festival.

Cofounders of the Barcelona Jazz Cats performance troupe, where they danced and choreographed from its beginnings until its breakup. During the troupe’s 5 years of life, they performed on important stages such as l’Auditori and the Palau de la Música of Barcelona or the Jazz Festival in Cap Roig, Gerona. They shared the stage with great musicians and dancers such as La Locomotora Negra, Swing Set, La Vella Dixieland, Barcelona Jazz Orquestra, Ignasi Terraza, Guillem Alonso (Tap), Laia Molins (Tap), Roser Font (Tap), among others.

They have been giving lessons on the European scene since 2003.

In 2007, they started their own school “Escola de Swing Pep & Emi” with their own team and evolved artistically and pedagogically until 2012.

They have created their own Lindy Hop performance troupe known as Swing Beats.

From 2008 to 2012, they organised their own Lindy Hop festival “Sinera Swing Festival” at Arenys de Mar (Barcelona).

They currently teach regular courses, week-end workshops and give performances at both national and international levels.
In their classes, they foster the connection of dancers with the music and their dance partners, with a sole purpose: Having such fun as dancers used to do at the Savoy Ballroom!


Watch video of Pep and Emi.



08:00 AM

Gathering & Welcome Speech

by Jamie Hefford

09:00 AM

Getting back into the deliverables business

by George Burton

10:00 AM

Successful Marketing Strategy

by Carol Wood

12:30 PM


01:30 PM

Predict the future with an old trick

by Cody Nesbit

03:00 PM

Closing Thoughts

06:00 PM

Topical/Industry Breakfasts

09:00 AM

Postcss: the future after Sass and Less

by Andrey Sitnik

10:00 AM

Stylish Slippy Maps: Creativity With Cartocss

by Aurelia Moser

12:00 PM

The Missing Slice

by Lea Verou

11:00 AM

Buffet Lunch

01:00 PM

Dragging WordPress Core Css Into The 2000s

by Michael Mifsud

02:00 PM

Workshops & Vote of Thanks

03:00 PM


Select one of the available options when registering. EARLY BIRD discount available until 15 February 2017, do not miss this opportunity!

Lindy Hop Pass
(Early 90€)
  • 6 hours of Lindy
  • Tasters
  • 3 parties
Authentic Jazz Pass
(Early 45€)
  • 2 hours of Authentic
  • Tasters
  • 3 parties
Full Pass
(Early 105€)
  • 6 hours de Lindy
  • 2 hours de Authentic
  • Tasters
  • 3 parties
Party Pass
  • 3 parties


Read carefully the descriptions below to choose the correct level. There will be no auditions, therefore, we trust in the objectivity and responsibility of the participants.


You have been dancing Lindy Hop for between 3 months and a year, you attend classes and social dance regularly.


You have been dancing Lindy Hop for 1 – 2 years. You dance regularly and you feel comfortable doing the basics. You know some variations and you incorporate musicality into your dance. You understand that connection with your dance partner is fundamental.


You have been dancing Lindy Hop regularly for more than 2 years, you attend numerous events and Lindy Hop is included in your weekly activities. You feel comfortable with fast tempos. Musicality and improvisation are not a mystery for you anymore.

Can I register alone for the Lindy Hop?

Yes, if you are a leader.

If you are a follower you can also register alone and you will be included directly in the waiting list. We will try to find a dance partner for you and send you an email to confirm your registration, so that you can make the payment.

When do I have to pay to confirm my registration?

You can pay within maximum 10 days after receiving the confirmation.



Send a message to us

If you have any other questions about the event, ask us directly! We will answer you as soon as possible.



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